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Plexxium II is a central alarm system designed for regulated applications requiring accurate and reliable monitoring and recording of environmental data such as temperature, humidity, and almost all other measurements found in a life-science setting.

The Plexxium II system revolves around independent measurement nodes.  Each node is comprised of Input/Output modules.  In the event of a network failure, the nodes continue to monitor, record, and alarm.  Unsafe or fault conditions are detected, and the appropriate personnel are notified.

The Single-Point Failure Protection of the Plexxium II system assures that a failed component has no detrimental effect on other system components.

Plexxium II utilizes industry-standard sensor inputs and can monitor most parameters found in a life-science setting. Examples are:

Sensors can be organized into Equipment Groups and assigned access and responsibility rights.  Alarm notifications can be scripted to customize the response of each sensor or alarm.

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